Save 20% on Lego Harry Potter deals with this short-time deal at Waterstones

Don't miss these magical deals on the complete Harry Potter range – from Hogwarts sets to small stocking fillers

Lego Harry Potter Cyber Monday deals
(Image credit: Lego Group)

The latest Lego deals are no trick: there's money off the whole range of Lego Harry Potter sets available at Waterstones right now. But this offer only lasts until Friday December 13th, so jump in before you need a time turner…

The current Lego Harry Potter range is a really great (and clever) selection, including mid-size Hogwarts playsets that all fit together to make one big and impressive version of the castle with lots of playable rooms, and loads of minifigures in each one. They look great just as collectibles, but are ideal for kids too.

There are also smaller sets that are really affordable, and bring specific scenes to life, such as Voldemort's resurrection from Goblet of Fire, or Harry's first successful patronus from Prisoner of Azkaban (which, yes, comes with a cool blue stag figure).

The range is pretty broad, and there will be something for everyone – check it all out below.

Save 20% on all Lego Harry Potter sets at Waterstones
The complete range of Lego Harry Potter sets have had their prices slashed by 20% at Waterstones, meaning they now start from just £7.99! Click through above to see the whole range in one place, with discounted prices.View Deal