Samsung's latest upgrade is coming to all of these Galaxy phones

Can't wait for the official release of One UI 5.0? Here's how to get it early

Samsung One UI 5.0 beta
(Image credit: Samsung)

The best Samsung phones are about to get even better with the imminent launch of Samsung's One UI 5.0, the latest version of the firm's Android tweakery. And if you want to get your hands on it right now, Samsung has good news for you: its beta has expanded to cover most of Samsung's best phones.

The good people at have put together a list of every Samsung Galaxy Phone that's currently included in the One UI 5.0 beta programme, and it's quite the list:

How to get the Samsung One UI beta on your Samsung Galaxy phone

The betas aren't available worldwide, but if you're in the UK, US, China, India or mainland Europe you should see the One UI Beta banner in the Samsung Members app. If you do, use the Enrol button to register your device for the beta. Once you've done that, you should now be able to download the beta via Settings > Software Update.

As always with beta software, the wise advice is to only install it on non-essential devices: bugs are obligatory and you might encounter various kinds of strangeness in your system and in specific apps, because beta testers are effectively digital guinea pigs: the expectation is that you'll encounter issues and tell Samsung about them so that they can be fixed for the final release. If you don't want to take that risk, don't worry: the final, stable version of One UI should be released very soon.

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