Samsung's latest 5-star TV flagship has a massive £700 off the 75-inch model

There's even more reason to splurge on this spectacular 75-inch set right now

Samsung makes some of the very best TVs in the business, and the tech giant is running a huge summer promotion on many different models in its range – a promotion that includes a whopping £700 off the 75-inch version of the Samsung QN900D Neo QLED 8K television. It's the best 8K TV you can buy right now.

View the 75-inch 8K Samsung QN900D deal here

There's no doubt about it: this Mini LED powerhouse is simply one of the greatest television sets you can lay your eyes on at the moment, with a wealth of features to go alongside its super-sharp, super-rich picture. 

75-inch 8K Samsung QN900D: was £6,699, now £5,999 at Amazon

75-inch 8K Samsung QN900D: was £6,699, now £5,999 at Amazon

Get yourself a huge 75-inch 8K Samsung television, powered by Neo QLED technology with a Mini LED backlight, and boasting Samsung's most powerful NQ8 AI processor to make sure everything you watch looks absolutely glorious at the maximum 8K resolution.

Of course you're never going to be able to get a TV with an 8K resolution and 75-inches of screen space at a bargain basement price – especially not when it comes with a panel quality like this – and the QN900D is a hefty investment. We still think it justifies its price though, especially with this 10% discount. 

The AI-powered upscaling means everything looks truly fantastic on this, even if you're not connecting 8K source material, and Samsung has excelled itself in terms of brightness, contrast, and colour performance here. You're not let down on sound either, with 12 separate speakers and Dolby Atmos support.

In our Samsung QN900D review we described this as "an 8K picture powerhouse" and a television that is "a remarkable technological statement" from Samsung. It really shows off some of the cutting-edge technology now available in the TVs being sold at the premium end of the market.

If you've been waiting to upgrade the flagship TV in your home, then now might well be the time – this £700 off offer isn't going to last forever. It's going to last you a long, long time with no problems at all, especially with that 8K support built in, so it's a perfectly sound investment.

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