Samsung’s HotBlast combi oven and microwave is a massive £130 off. PING!

This cool combination microwave does the job of many kitchen appliances to produce results that are, well, yum…

Samsung’s HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 litre combination microwave oven
(Image credit: Samsung)

Reckon microwaves are just boring old white boxes with little in the way of excitement to be had? We’d be inclined to agree for many on the market, even when it comes to the best microwave ovens you can buy.

However, Samsung’s HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 Litre Combination Microwave Oven is different. Granted, it comes in white, but aside from that there’s plenty to get fizzed up about. Money-wise, it currently has £130 off the asking price from the folks at AO. So what was once a £349 bit of kit is now just £219.

• Samsung HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 litre combination microwave oven £219 | Was £349 | Save £130 at

For just over a couple of hundred quid you get much more than a bog-standard microwave too. Samsung has built in all sorts of added value. The HotBlast MC32K7055CW serves up 32 litres of capacity for starters, which means it’s ideally suited to average households up and down the country. Next up, there’s the feature set, which includes a convection oven option and a grill function too. Rounding it out is Samsung’s HotBlast tech that reduces cooking time.

• Samsung HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 litre combination microwave oven £219 | Was £349 | Save £130 at

• Samsung HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 litre combination microwave oven £219 | Was £349 | Save £130 at
The really good thing about a combination microwave is that you can subsequently tap into all of its features in unison to produce great food. So while you can do all of the obvious microwave stuff, like warming up beans in a bowl or last night’s curry, the real bonus here is the flexibility. A prime example is how you can roast a whole chicken inside that interior by enlisting the services of the microwave and oven combo, plus the grill for good measure. The bird ends up with a crispy exterior and moist innards. Awesome.

Boosting the appeal of the Samsung HotBlast is its huge range of programs, with 44 in all, while we also like the sizeable 34.5 centimetre diameter of the turntable. Big enough for even the biggest of plates we think. Other points to note are the easy clean interior, which is always the bane of any microwave oven fan, while the pull down front door leaves us wondering why more manufacturers haven't adopted this thinking. It works a treat.

• Samsung HotBlast MC32K7055CW 32 litre combination microwave oven £219 | Was £349 | Save £130 at

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