Samsung's created a super-tough case for the Galaxy S23

At last Samsung has added a rugged case to its official Galaxy range

Samsung Galaxy S23 rugged case
(Image credit: Twitter / Sudhanshu Ambhore)

Samsung's official Galaxy S22 cases are really nice, but there's been a glaring omission for some time: a really rugged, street-tough version. Third parties have been quick to fill the gap, but it seems that Samsung has decided to make its own. Designs of a rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 range have been leaked on Twitter, and it certainly looks pretty tough.

As far as we can tell the case is called the Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23 Ultra Rugged Gadget Case with Stand, and – yes! – it's both rugged and has a stand. But more importantly, it also has what appears to be a MagSafe-style connector for your Galaxy S23 accessories.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 rugged case cost?

We don't know yet, because the price hasn't leaked. The closest equivalent is probably the Galaxy S22 Protective Standing Cover, which had an RRP of £29, but this new case looks a lot more complex and may be more expensive as a result.

One of the reasons for that complexity is that this case can be customised. The stand module appears to be swappable – there's a wallet option too – and the bit underneath looks really like it's a magnetic connector. Whether that's purely to lock accessories into place or if it also works with a MagSafe-style charger isn't clear yet.

I know some people think it's sacrilege to put their best phones in cases, hiding their designs behind plastic, but as someone who drops their phone many times a week I hate to think how much money I'd have spent on repairs if my various iPhones weren't properly protected. This rugged case may be a bit OTT for most users, but if you're planning to spend serious money on a smartphone I really think you should also put it in a serious case – not just to protect its looks, but to protect your trade-in value too. 

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