Samsung rollable OLED tablet gets fingerprint sensor, ready to become a reality

Your next tablet may roll up like a scroll

Samsung is apparently working on a new type of device with a display that can be rolled up so it’s super portable. The Samsung rollable display, as it’s being called in the patent, will also come with a fingerprint sensor.

Samsung flexible OLED displays to enter mass production

According to a patent filed by Samsung the new gadget is a “rollable display device with fingerprint sensor”. The device features a screen which can be rolled out of a main unit which will have the fingerprint reader on its end. 

When looked at from the side the screen is super thin and barely even visible. But when viewed from the front it should appear like a full colour display with high resolution. There is even mention of a unit that features an OLED quality display.

The idea behind this tech is to create a full tablet display experience in a device that is small and portable enough to fit in a pocket or bag. The main unit and screen edge will feature magnets so the screen can be rolled out and returned back in to be held in place magnetically. 

Samsung has already shown of a real world version of this type of rollable tablet featuring a 5.7-inch OLED that is just 0.3mm thick and weighs 5 grams. 

The rumour mill suggests we will see a new version of Samsung’s rollable tablet and perhaps even a rollable phone at CES 2018 this January. 

Luke Edwards

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