Samsung Internet searches are now faster thanks to a new beta update

Samsung Internet Beta 16 introduces new browser search and blocks tracking pixels

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Samsung Internet is continually improving, getting faster and more efficient, and further cementing itself as the choice browser for many of the best Android phones.

Samsung has just pushed out a new beta release for the browser, which boosts the overall user experience in-app. It adds new protections against transparent pixels that can nefariously track your internet activity; tweaks to the search functionality; and, a new page zoom support on phones and tablets.

Samsung Internet 16 beta is now available with the latest improvements, which also extend to the visual interface of searching from the URL bar. This design element has been overhauled in the Samsung Internet 16 beta in place of new search suggestion chips that can be quickly accessed. Formerly, the browser adopted a Chrome-esque drop-down search suggestion bar. 

The new chip-centric search format not only looks better this way but also adds urgency to your searches, making it easier and quicker to deploy your next web search. However, don't take our word for it just yet: the search suggestion chip feature will likely be a matter of personal taste from user to user, with some preferring the older Chrome-style search format.

Track and Trace

Other updates take a look at security. The more privacy-conscious amongst you will be grateful for Samsung Internet 16.0 beta’s ability to thwart attempts to track you online, now able to block malicious trackers that use near-invisible pixels to trace your activity across domains. Dubbed ‘Smart Project,’ this new feature identifies these shady images and neutralizes them before they can get a handle on your browser activity. 

Samsung Internet’s latest beta is currently rolling out on the Galaxy Store and Google Play store. There are so many great smartphones from Samsung, that it's hard to decide which model to pull the trigger on. To help you out, we’ve got a comprehensive rundown of the best Samsung phones on the market, should you be thinking about purchasing one of the many models from the Korean manufacturer.

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