Samsung Gear S4 will pack LTE and come in two sizes

Will it be enough to take on the Apple Watch?

Samsung Gear S4

Samsung's smartwatches have long been some of the best, but massively underrated, wearables, so we're excited to see rumour begin around the next model, the Samsung Galaxy Watch – the wearable formerly known as the Samsung Gear S4.

Previously, the Samsung Gear S3 came in two flavours, the sporty Frontier and more refined Classic model, but both of these had the same 1.3-inch screen, which wasn't exactly suited to smaller wrists.

Now it's rumoured the Samsung Gear S4 will be offered in two sizes, similar to the Apple Watch. This should means it'll suit a wider variety of wrists.

The latest reports also claim Samsung is developing the watch in the US at the moment, with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile interested in offering LTE connection.

This should allow the smartwatch to be more independent from your smartphone, and can be used for music streaming, calls, and messages. Similar to the most recent Apple Watch Series 3 LTE.

Samsung are also said to be focusing heavily on upgrading the health and fitness features of the Gear S4.

Samsung's smartwatch is being tested in the US with the codename Galileo, this does suggest the brand will be focusing on Western markets.

As for the release date – that's yet to be determined. Samsung released the Gear S3 at IFA in 2016, and the Gear Sport at IFA in 2017, so could we see the Gear S4 at IFA in August this year? Let's hope so.

Spencer Hart
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