Samsung could be set to shake up the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a triple-screen device

Online tipster claims a Samsung three-fold phone could come as soon as this year.

A photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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An online leaker has suggested that Samsung will want to beat Huawei to punch with the "world's first" triple fold phone.

That means it'll have to release one in the next few months as its Chinese rival is said to have a similar device up its sleeve.

Samsung is really hitting its stride when it comes to foldable phones. However, it is facing increased competition from a number of other key manufacturers.

Take the OnePlus Open, for example, it has arguably taken the crown held by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and there are cheaper alternatives that have also brought new features to market. Certainly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have to go some to retain its top spot.

Or perhaps it doesn't have to, as the Korean manufacturer is tipped to be considering something even more impressive – and for release this year, to boot.

Online leaker Revegnus has posted on X (formerly Twitter) that Samsung will not want to be pipped to the post with the world's first triple fold phone. And, as Huawei is said to be "almost certain" to announce its own device later this year, a Samsung version will need to arrive sooner if that's to be the case.

"With Huawei almost certain to release a triple fold in the second quarter of this year, from Samsung's perspective it cannot afford to miss out on the title of 'world's first'," he wrote (via Trusted Reviews).

A triple fold device would essentially have two hinges and be concertinaed. That means it will potentially sport three screens, but unfold to offer a wider tablet aspect than current folding phones.

This would solve a problem we have with the existing handsets, in that it's hard to see why the almost square aspect ratio of an unfolded phone would be any better to watch video on than the front display.

Of course, a triple phone phone will be fatter and less pocket-friendly, but we can't have everything.

That Samsung could be working on such a device does not come as a surprise – we have recently seen a patent listing that shows sliding OLED handsets that could replace the Galaxy Z Flip series.

It just might be a bit too in the day to suggest that a new form factor will arrive as soon as this summer, though.

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