Samsung Galaxy Watch owners get 3 great free feature upgrades

A trio of useful Galaxy Watch apps start to roll out

Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wallet, Temp and WhatsApp upgrades
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung will announce a new Galaxy Watch or two during its Unpacked event on 26 July 2023 - most likely the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. However, it's not turning its back on existing models.

The company has announced a trio of new features for the Samsung Galaxy Watch that come in the form of downloadable apps. They potentially make some of the best smartwatches around even better.

Not all of them will work across all models though, with a couple of them to be limited to the forthcoming smartwatches to begin with, but there should be something for everyone eventually.

Samsung Wallet

After combining Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass on its phones last year, to live under the one umbrella - Samsung Wallet - it is now bringing that service to the Galaxy Watch too.

It will enable users of the new Galaxy Watch devices to make payments, provide ID information, even access tickets for events and shows from their wrists.

Samsung hasn't yet said when (or if) this might come to existing Galaxy Watch models though.


WhatsApp's first smartwatch app is now available for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 owners. It'll also be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series when it arrives.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and enables Galaxy Watch owners to continue conversations through their devices, plus use voice to reply to messages and answer WhatsApp calls.

Thermo Check

Finally, Thermo Check will be available on the new Galaxy Watch but is also coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 "later".

It uses the device's infrared technology to measure the temperature of its surroundings, thereby giving the user accurate information on how hot their food is, how warm a bath or swimming pool is, that sort of thing. Not only is this great for new parents when heating up a baby bottle, you'll never need to dip a toe in the sea first before a paddle.

Samsung has also said that there will be other new features added to the new Galaxy Watch series and existing models soon - with additional apps on the horizon. It'll reveal more during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on 26 July.

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