Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users are getting a cool free upgrade

Official Samsung advert spills beans on a great new Galaxy Watch 4 feature seemingly coming soon to the smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
(Image credit: Future)

In T3's Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review we said it is the "must-have Google powered smartwatch", and now it looks like it about to get even more must-have.

That's because an unlisted video on the official Spanish Samsung YouTube channel shows a Galaxy Watch 4 being used with Google Assistant.

The man in the video is shown to use Google Assistant, which to date the Galaxy Watch 4 does not have functionality for, to play music on YouTube Music by saying the Google Assistant command phrase of "Hey Google".

The full video, which is only 15 seconds, can be watched below:

Right now there is no official word from Samsung on when the Google Assistant integration is coming to the Galaxy Watch 4, but with an official advertisement created by the company and hosted on its official YouTube channel, it seems to us like it will only be a matter of time before it lands.

Up till now Galaxy Watch 4 owners have had voice command functionality on their wearable, but only in the form of Samsung's Bixby assistant, which being blunt is nowhere near the level of Google Assistant in terms of functionality, features or reliability. As such, Google Assistant being unlocked on the smartwatch is a big deal.

The functionality is expected to unlock in a future system software update, so we advise Galaxy Watch 4 wearers to keep their firmware up to date and look for any updates dropping in the coming weeks.

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