Samsung Galaxy S25 lineup tipped for massive change, and it might shock those waiting to upgrade

Is it the end of the road for a Samsung stalwart?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus review
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Samsung is speculated to be ditching the Plus variant for the Galaxy S25 range in 2025. 

This comes from Android Headlines who spotted the Plus model hasn't appeared on the IMEI database yet, as well as lower sales figures noted by 91Mobiles.

Samsung is dominating tech news at the moment, which isn't too much of a surprise given the company is holding its next major product launch next week. The latest rumours don't surround the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 however, focusing instead on Samsung's non-foldable flagship smartphones

There has been some speculation that Samsung might ditch the Plus model of the Samsung Galaxy S25 next year. Now, before you start flinging your arms around with outrage, it's important to note that this hasn't come from Samsung itself and instead, it is an assumption based on a couple of details. 

Android Headlines has claimed that there has been no record of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus on the IMEI database as yet. That wouldn't be a big deal on its own, but both the regular Samsung Galaxy S25 and Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra have appeared in the registry, making it a little odd that there is no sign of the S25 Plus alongside them. 

Samsung has offered a Plus model of its Galaxy S handset since the Galaxy S8+ in 2017 so it would be quite a change in direction to scrap it – and perhaps not ideal for those using the Plus model and enjoying their bi-annual upgrade.

That said, the only difference between the standard Galaxy S model and the Plus model is screen size and physical dimensions. If Samsung doesn't offer a Plus model in 2025, it may entice those who want the bigger screen to upgrade to the Ultra, where you do get some extra tricks for your cash and it simplifies the choice too.

91Mobiles, which highlighted the Android Headlines findings adds a little bit of weight to the speculation by noting some of the past sales figures. Again, these aren't official Samsung figures so it's best to take these things with a pinch of salt, but the Plus model is said to be the lowest-selling variant in the Galaxy S range over the last few years.

According to the site, with figures taken from Hana Securities, the S23+ sold 4.54 million units compared to the S23 at 8.91 million and the S23 Ultra at 11.63 million. It added that data from Counterpoint Research showed the S24+ having 21 per cent of sales despite being up 52 per cent over the S23+, while the S24 had 27 per cent of sales and the S24 Ultra had a huge 52 per cent. 

Whether Samsung will offer a Plus model of the Galaxy S25 remains to be seen for now and we don't expect to find out until early next year. What we would say is 8.91 million is still a lot of phones, and 21 per cent is still a decent amount, so we wouldn't be so sure that a lack of IMEI listing marks the end for this variant just yet.

If it does though, sometimes a little less choice is a good thing.

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