Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra confirmed for 5 awesome camera upgrades

Samsung's top leakster spills the beans on the camera upgrades delivered on Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Android phone being used by a man sat on some concrete steps
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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra started off sounding like it wasn't going to be one of the best Android phones of 2023.

So the rumors stated, the Galaxy S23 Ultra was barely going to improve on the outgoing Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is currently the best Samsung phone with a single screen, as well as the firm's Android flagship.

But a series of recent leaks have pointed toward that being bang wrong. And now we've just got a concrete list of 5 big camera upgrades delivered by the S23 Ultra from Samsung's own leakster-in-chief, Ice universe.

Ice, who has a bullet-proof reputation for accurately reporting on future Samsung phone hardware going back over half a decade, has seemingly got early access to the Galaxy S23 Ultra's details and has been posting about the handset for a while now, sharing his thoughts.

Here are the camera upgrades the Galaxy S23 Ultra delivers as stated by Ice on Twitter:

"1. 200MP more natural details and less noise
2. Night mode photos have improved significantly
3. The details of 12MP photos in daily mode are improved, and the color seems to be different
4. 10x telephoto sharpness is improved, followed by subtle changes of 20x, 30x, and even 100x
5. AI plays more roles in telephoto, such as repairing some lines, numbers, and letters to make them look more natural"

Ice also confirms that these might not be the only camera upgrades that the S23 Ultra delivers, either, with him saying he will "think again" if there's anything else he's overlooked.

The T3 take: Samsung flexes its Android phone camera credentials

Looking at this list of improvements, the big thing that stands out to me is that, really, most of them are software optimizations.

And that makes sense, as the hardware has always been there really with Samsung phones – the sensors and lenses have not been what has held the firm's camera systems back.

I mean, once again seeing confirmation of that 200MP camera sensor is really welcome, and very much hammers home that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to be an Android phone for camera enthusiasts, but the optimizations Samsung has reportedly made to reduce noise, improve image color accuracy and detail, enhance low-light photography and improve the involvement of AI processing in telephoto photography really sounds like the even bigger upgrade.

It sure looks like, if what Ice says is true (and he almost always is), then the Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to deliver an Android phone camera experience that will likely be the best in the world, combining awesome hardware with compromise-free image processing software.

Obviously, the proof will be in the pudding so to speak, so you can be sure that we will go into incredible detail when testing the phone's camera system for our full Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review.

Now, if Samsung could just bring the Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera system to the Galaxy Fold Z Fold 5, then I'd be ecstatic.

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