Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra video reveals the breathtaking new phone of our dreams

This Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept video shows us the smartphone of our dreams

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra video
(Image credit: DBS Designing)

Following on from the five-star rated Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is going to be tricky for the South Korean smartphone maker, which is why early rumors pointing towards a very strong Samsung Galaxy S22 range are very welcome.

That strong performance looks set to come from a variety of new technology, including an upgraded Olympus-designed camera system, an advanced under-display selfie camera, and potentially a futuristic new design, too.

Right now, though, how the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will be delivered remains largely unknown. Which is why it is so exciting to see a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design video released that gives us our best look yet at just how the 2022 flagship could look. Check the video out below:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in this video is the handiwork of the DBS Designing Team, who have a long history in making concept designs of future tech releases. No details about the internal specification of this handset are given, but it is shown off from every angle giving us a good look at its design.

And the design seems to be largely based on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but this time boasting the rumored under-display selfie camera (viewers will note that there is no notch or pin hole camera in the screen) and expanded rear camera system, which taps in to the Olympus partnership.

As for the camera array design, it differs from that envisioned in previously released concept videos, delivering extra cameras instead of larger ones. Where it doesn't differ, though, is in its continued adoption of the S-Pen digital stylus, which was introduced this year on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The introduction of the S Pen comes amid seemingly conclusive reports that Samsung is retiring the Galaxy Note series of handsets.

Whether or not that means that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 21 remains to be seen, but here at T3 we are pleased that the stylus functionality is not being abandoned entirely.

Hopefully we will hear more about the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of phones soon, but at least for the moment it is good to see just what sort of top technology the South Korean firm could deliver.

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