Samsung Galaxy S10 will be twice as fast as the S9. Here's why

A tantalising hint of the insane power about to be delivered by the Galaxy S10 has just been revealed

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is being prepped to use UFS3.0 flash storage, with the South Korean maker reported as ramping up its production of the chips in the second half of 2018.

UFS stands for "Universal Flash Storage" and this new 3.0 iteration is the successor to the UFS2.1 storage chips found inside the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The exciting part? UFS3.0 is twice as fast UFS2.1 (2,666MB/s maximum throughput bandwidth compared to 1,333MB/s), meaning that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will absolutely smoke the Galaxy S9 in terms of storage performance, allowing users to install and run apps and games, as well as access media and files, at blazingly fast eye-watering speeds.

The hint of the potential storage power that the Galaxy S10 will have comes from reliable Samsung leakster Ice universe, who states that the Android phone maker is to "mass-produce LPDDR5 and UFS3.0 chips in the second half of the year".

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Indeed, it does look like the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a super-powerful juggernaut of an Android phone, as the mention of LPDDR5 memory alongside the UFS3.0 flash points toward a phone that is not only twice a fast in terms of storage, but also significantly upgraded in terms of memory performance as well, as the current Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S9, only uses LPDDR4 memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Image: © Jonas Daehnert

(Image credit: Jonas Daehnert)

A Galaxy S10 that makes an order of magnitude leap ahead in terms of power and speed makes perfect sense to us.

Samsung's iterative take on the Galaxy S8 with this year's S9 flagship was far from disappointing, with the phone scooping plenty of awards, but it has not sold as well as predicted, so it would be in the maker's best interests to double down on the S10 in order to once more separate itself from the chasing Android pack.

In addition, after Apple pulled out all the stops for its anniversary iPhone X last year, it feels only right that Samsung will fire back with something even more groundbreaking and special.

And, with this next-generation hardware reportedly partnering a super advanced in-display fingerprint reader, a brand new triple camera, and stunning new design, we literally cannot wait to see what Samsung has in store.

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