Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the opposite to the iPhone 11

New details emerge about major security shift

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may kill off the iris scanner in favour of its new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader, and just as Apple is rumoured to step up facial recognition in its iPhone 11.

According to sources of Korean news site ETNews, Samsung is planning to ditch its iris scanner for the S10. It's been around since the Galaxy Note 7 so perhaps a change is due. The rumours of the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader of the S10 are so numerous it feels extremely likely.

There are rumours that Samsung's under-screen fingerprint reader will not only be more accurate than the current optical reader competition but will be easier to use too. Rather than placing your finger in one spot at the bottom of the screen it could be placed anywhere on the display. 

Is that easier than facial recognition? Apple doesn't seem to think so after upgraded its Face ID on the iPhone XS and it's rumoured to be doing that again for the iPhone 11. 

Samsung should reveal the Galaxy S10 early in 2019.

Luke Edwards

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