2019 iPhone 11 will get even better Face ID to thwart Samsung Galaxy S10

Your face unlocking is going to get even faster

iPhone 11 concept

The 2019 iPhone 11 has leaked again and this time it's the selfie camera, or more specifically, the Face ID that's being shared and it looks set to leave the iPhone XS wanting. Even the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S10 may struggle to compete.

We've already seen rumours that the new iPhone 11 will feature a Samsung style pop-out stylus and now it looks like the Face ID is getting enhanced. While the likes of Samsung look set to add ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers for security, Apple appears to be sticking with facial recognition.

According to excellent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone's Face ID will have significant boosts to reliability and performance. This will be achieved by adding a new a more powerful flood illuminator. The result should be less interference from visible light in the surrounding environment. 

Apple has already boosted Face ID recognition speeds in the iPhone XS Max over last year's iPhone X. Striving to continually improve here makes sense until it's totally unnoticeable when unlocking.

Since Kuo's sources are often in the supply chain and Apple will already be lining up parts for the new iPhone, this leak should be reliable – if a little early. 

Luke Edwards

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