Samsung Galaxy Ring exposed in code teardown – specialist sensors revealed

The highly anticipated smart ring could include some really nifty features

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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Quick Summary

A breakdown of the Samsung Health app code has given us some insight into the features we can expect on the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

That looks set to be good news for those who don't like smartwatches, too.

It can often feel like the latest and greatest thing in tech only enjoys fifteen minutes of fame. No sooner have we all gone dewy-eyed over the latest release than another swings through to steal our gaze.

Still, it's hard to argue with the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The brand's efforts in the smart ring space are noteworthy, as the largest name to enter the space so far.

While initial leaks seemed downplayed somewhat, no-one could deny the stir caused when the brand exhibited prototypes of the device at MWC 2024. Now, with Galaxy Unpacked just around the corner, it seems likely that the device could finally hit the market.

Now, we know a little more about what it might be capable of, too. The good folks over at Android Authority have done some digging into the Samsung Health app, to find some features which may be present on the device at launch.

First up, it looks as though users will be able to use the ring to measure their heart rate and stress levels. That's not exactly groundbreaking, though it is useful for users.

Perhaps more interesting is that the device will be capable of measuring skin temperature. That can be used to predict periods, too. You'll even be able to use it to detect snoring, though that will need your phone to act as a companion.

All in all, it looks likely that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will work in a very similar manner to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. That's really good news.

I personally don't get on with smartwatches all that well. That doesn't stop me from wanting to keep track of my health, though. Without the skin-mounted sensor that a smartwatch offers, that can be a mammoth task.

With this ring looking set to offer much of the same functionality in a less cumbersome package, people like me may finally be able to enjoy the same great tracking data. With no official word just yet, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled over the coming weeks.

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