Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to launch in August – but there's a catch

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might come without the improved glass screen seen on the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is rumoured to be launching this summer, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It makes sense: given the increased amount of screen space due to the folding mechanic, it's unsurprising Samsung would attach the Fold 2 to its premium range of "phablet" phones. It's also rumoured the Fold 2 might come with Samsung's S Pen, creating more synergy between the two handsets.

A new source adds weight to these rumours, claiming Samsung will be ready to launch the folding phone in August. However, in order to get it here on time, the Samsung team could be looking to make some concessions. 

South Korean outlet Hankooki, spotted by PhoneArena, claims the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is ready to enter mass-production in time for an August launch. This is surprising for a couple of reasons: one, because the delays hitting the tech industry as a result of the global health crisis don't seem to be affecting Samsung, which is ploughing full steam ahead with its high-profile handset launch.

The second surprise comes from the confirmation we'll be having an August launch. Most rumours had slated the Samsung devices will come in July or August, but we hadn't yet narrowed that down. 

A confirmed August launch event makes sense, which is a short delay from July while still capitalising on the gaping hole in the calendar left by Apple, which has reportedly moved its iPhone 12 showcase to November. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold review

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However, it's not all good news. The outlet reports the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might scrimp on the screen in order to rush the device to market. The device was initially said to carry the Ultra-Thin Glass, or UTG, included on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. 

The UTG is said to be difficult to apply and produce en masse, which could cause the UTG to be abandoned in favour of cheaper, easier solutions like a transparent polyimide (CPI), which can be found on most other foldable phones. Samsung is reportedly looking at both options. 

If so, Samsung is in danger of repeating the mistake it made in 2019 with the launch of the original Galaxy Fold. After complaints of brittle screens and faulty mechanisms, Samsung had to recall devices and soft-launch the Fold again later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The device is rumoured to launch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

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Other than this uncertainty around the screen, rumoured to be 7.9" when unfolded, Samsung Galaxy Fold is said to have all the trappings of a flagship smartphone, with a top-tier 120Hz refresh rate.

Set to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus, all three devices look set to retain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipsets that made Samsung's Galaxy S20 range so successful. August can't come soon enough. 

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