Ronaldo's SIXPAD abs trainer price SLASHED in Amazon Prime Day lightning deal

Once it's gone, it's gone! Get a SIXPAD Abdominal Trainer system for cheap while you can in this Prime Day lightning deal

SIXPAD Amazon Prime Day
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The SIXPAD Abdominal Trainer, as popularised by footballing legend Ronaldo, is a smart system designed to help you on your quest for six-pack abs. The EMS technology is said to help with muscle recovery and an increase in size and strength after just 12 weeks.

Sounds good? You bet. Which is why when we saw the SIXPAD system's price slashed by almost £60, we couldn't beleive it. This is a product you almost never see discounted. Snap it up while you can, but this – one of the best Amazon Prime Day deals we've seen yet – is selling fast. Once it's gone, it's gone! 

SIXPAD Unisex Ems Abdominal Trainer Training Gear Abs Fit2, Black, One Size | was £230.00 | now £174.00 on Amazon

SIXPAD Unisex Ems Abdominal Trainer Training Gear Abs Fit2, Black, One Size | was £230.00 | now £174.00 on Amazon
Go go go! At the time of writing, this deal was 33% claimed, so there's lots of people out there looking for a six pack. Be one of the lucky ones. Package includes the abs system and your first set of gel applications absolutely free. 

Our official review said: "If you want to cram in some extra muscle activation when you'd otherwise just sit on the sofa scrolling through your Facebook feed, the SIXPAD Abs Belt could actually be worth the cost and the fairly considerable level of discomfort involved."

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