Audio titans join force in Rode's landmark acquisition of US audio brand Mackie

The new acquisition opens up a whole new world of audio possibilities

Rode acquires Mackie
(Image credit: Rode/Mackie)

This isn't something we usually report here on T3, but we're making an exception with this one: Rode has today announced the acquisition of iconic American pro audio leader Mackie. This is big news, as the two brands are well-known for creating some of the most sought-after microphones, speakers and mixing consoles for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike - and they are now one company!

The move makes a lot of sense for both companies. Rode's been busy establishing itself as a lifestyle brand in recent years with the release of more equipment aimed at podcasters, streamers and other content creators. On the other hand, Mackie has a reputation for its built-like-a-tank quality and affordability, making it an ideal addition to Rode's ever-increasing portfolio.

US-brand Mackie has been designing pro audio products, including mixers and loudspeakers for home, studio and stage use since 1989. An integral player in the home recording revolution in the 1990s, Mackie's unique marketing approach helped the company become a go-to brand in the recording and live sound industries.


A prime example of Mackie's unique approach to marketing

(Image credit: Mackie)

“With this acquisition, [Rode's parent company] The Freedman Group is now a premier audio technology company offering world-class products to an even wider range of customers, from up-and-coming content creators to professionals working in live production and everyone in between,” says Rode founder and chairman Peter Freedman AM.

"The timing could not be better," adds Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie, "We have an incredible product roadmap ahead of us, which we’ll be making some big announcements for leading up to NAMM ’24 [National Association of Music Merchants]. This is an extremely exciting time for Mackie, and we couldn’t be happier doing all of this alongside the Rode team.”

What an exciting finish to what's already been a huge year for Rode (and Mackie). Big Rode releases from this year include the Wireless Pro, the NTH-100M headset, the beginner-friendly Wireless ME, the 'unclippable' NT1 5TH Gen and the latest offering from the brand, the Rode NT1 Signature Series. We expect to see a lot more exciting stuff from the Rode x Mackie brand in 2024!

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