GTA 6 is well underway, Rockstar job listings suggest

Looking for "open world content" to be made

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Rockstar Games has proved another hint that the development of GTA 6 is now well underway with hundreds of new jobs going up at the company. 

As first spotted by games recruitment tracker Hitmarker, there are currently 232 jobs listed online at the studio with 70 of them being uploaded within a 24-hour period. Since Rockstar officially confirmed that "GTA 6 is real" back in February, the whole web has been speculating as to when we might find out more. 

While nothing substantial, it's hopefully a good sign that the studio is staffing up considering the size of Grand Theft Auto V and the likelihood that GTA 6 is even bigger. Of course, this could just be Rockstar recruiting staff to work on Grand Theft Auto Online, though, that seems less likely at this stage.

Namely, because Rockstar provided its first update on GTA 6 development last week with GTA V set to receive "more development resources" going forward and Red Dead Online content set to end as a result. 

"A career at Rockstar is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding, large-scale projects to be found in any entertainment medium," reads one of the job listings. 

An associate content designer role notes that Rockstar is looking for someone to join a team that "creates and authors various game content such as missions, competitive modes, open world content and a wide variety of other similar content". The "open world content" wording is the one to focus on here, as that is where the web and we believe is relating to the next Grand Theft Auto game. 

It was also reported recently that a Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV remaster was scrapped at Rockstar, following the negative reception to the GTA Trilogy remasters in November 2021. If true, this further corroborates the company's focus on GTA 6. 

The most recent release from Rockstar is the next-gen launch of GTA V across PS5 and Xbox Series X. Make sure to read T3's Grand Theft Auto V review to see if Los Santos is worth revisiting.

To find out more, head to the official T3 GTA 6 hub for the latest news, rumours, leaks and everything else. 

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