Razer's Kiyo 1080p webcam with built-in light is a working-from-home essential, and it's back in stock!

No more looking like you're in that video from The Ring on video chats – a light makes all the difference

Razer Kiyo
(Image credit: Razer)

No one expected the best webcams to be one of 2020's hottest products, but I suppose that's only about #250 on the list of strange things about this year. In any case, it means good-quality webcams have been harder to get hold of than expected, leaving people with usually poor-quality webcams that struggle to deal with the low level of lighting most people have in their homes.

That's why the Razer Kiyo has been an especially big hit this year, with its high-quality Full HD camera, great mic and built-in ring light meaning you look and sound… well, professional.

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Originally released a few years ago with streamers in mind, the Kiyo is good for anyone who needs to appear on camera and would like to look good doing it. The camera sits in the centre of a ring light, which means that when you're looking into the lens, you get a nice even illumination on your whole face, with no dramatic shadows.

It can record/stream video in 1080p at 30fps, or you can go 720p at 60fps if you prefer. It has autofocus, and auto white balance mode to correct colour casts – in combination with the light and its adjustable brightness, it basically means every looks more natural even if you're mixing light types.

It can fix on top of your monitor, or you can mount it on a mini tripod or similar stand. The brightness of the ring is adjusted by turning it like a dial, which is a great touch.

The Kiyo is primarily made to work with Windows, but it works just fine on Mac too. On Windows, you can use Razer's Synapse tool to tweak all kinds of settings and perfect a particular look you want; on Mac, it functions as a standard USB webcam (but the light still works).

It's been really hard to get hold of this year, but we're seeing it in stock now – perfect for a Christmas gift for someone working from home, or as an upgrade for yourself if you need to make calls during the dark months.

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