The best Razer Phone deals for March 2019

Get a great the best Razer Phone deal for you now

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Welcome to T3's best Razer Phone deals guide. This guide has been designed to help you find the best Razer Phone deal for you, with our awesome price comparison tech pulling in only the very lowest prices on Razer's top-rate gaming phones.

If you're a gamer and are currently looking for a new mobile phone that counts among the very best gaming phones on the market today, then the Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2 should be right at the top of your list of contenders.

And right now is a great time to pick up a Razer Phone. This is because, firstly, the Razer Phone 2 has now come out, driving prices on the original down, and more importantly, 2019 has seen some crazy discount deals on the phones offered by many retailers.

What makes the Razer Phone so good for gaming? That would be its stunning QuadHD 5.7-inch IGZO LCD panel that runs at 120HZ. This high refresh rate is a technology Razer uses in its gaming laptops, and is now making its way into a mobile device.

This awesome screen tech, partnered with a very strong core hardware suite, makes it a great phone for playing mobile games.

The best Razer Phone deals for March 2019