Ray-Ban, Oakley and Sunglasses Hut are blocking shade and dropping prices with this belter summer sale

See up to 50% discounts on hundreds of glasses

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Summer sales are kicking into gear, with Ray-Ban, Oakley and the Sunglass Hut combining forces to give you some of the absolute best savings on sunnies you’ll see all year. 

Here you’ll find all manner of shades, and an even wider range of lenses. You’ll get bifocals, trifocals, prescriptions and polarized as just the tip of the glassberg. If you’re here hoping to find cycling glasses and none of these are quite what you’re looking for, T3 has your back with our guide to the best cycling sunnies around

We’ve pulled out some of the biggest discounts, and classiest glasses, for our picks from these sales, but don’t let that stop you from diving right in to find something perfect for you. 

Ray-Ban Aviator Washed | AU$245 AU$196 on Ray-Ban.com

Ray-Ban Aviator Washed | AU$245 AU$196 on Ray-Ban.com (save AU$49)

These iconic Aviators are a large part of what made Ray-Ban the name it is today. You can grab a piece of eyewear history with a smooth 20% discount by taking advantage of the clearance sale going on right now. You’ll feel like a million bucks, while spending a lot less. 

Ray-Ban RB3669 | AU$205 AU$102.50 on Ray-Ban.com

 Ray-Ban RB3669 | AU$205 AU$102.50 on Ray-Ban.com (save AU$102.50)

The classic combo of pink and gold is effortlessly exemplified in these photochromic glasses. Looking like something right out of the American Hustle wardrobe, you’ll bring Florida beach vibes with you everywhere you go. All of this with a nifty AU$100 kept in your pocket.

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh Low  | AU$255 AU$127.50 on Ray-Ban.com

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh Low  | AU$255 AU$127.50 on Ray-Ban.com (save AU$127.50)

The Jackie Ohh Low’s have a dignified air about them. There’s just enough of a winged arch to frame your eyes without going too far and creating a gaudy window into your personality. Classic black with a grey gradient allows for you to match them with anything in the wardrobe, and they come with polarised lenses to allow for clarity even on the brightest of days. 

Oakley Coldfuse Maverick Vinales | AU$301 AU$150.50 on Oakley.com

Oakley Coldfuse Maverick Vinales | AU$301 AU$150.50 on Oakley.com (save AU$150.50)

These orange and black beauties come with Prizm Ruby lenses, allowing for 17% light transmission and a reduction in brightness of 83%. They come with Oakley’s impact protection so expect them to take a bit more wear and tear than other, flimsier, glasses. All of this as part of the collection inspired by, and celebrating the Spanish MotoGP and Moto3 world champion.

Oakley EVZero Blades | AU$200 AU$100 on Oakley.com

Oakley EVZero Blades | AU$200 AU$100 on Oakley.com (save AU$100)

The Oakley Blade clear to black iridium photochromic lenses are some of the fanciest pieces of sunglasses tech around. They’ll change colour across the full spectrum. Responding completely to your surroundings and the needs of UV light exposure, you’ll never have to take them off. Except maybe to sleep. 

Oakley Low-Key | AU$276 AU$138 on Oakley.com

Oakley Low-Key | AU$276 AU$138 on Oakley.com (save AU$138)

Providing an iridescent splash to any outfit, the Prizm Sapphire lenses are a classy way to match your glasses to the rest of your get up. Lightweight frames avoid your face feeling the squeeze, and 50% off means your wallet will do the same. The polarised lenses offer a glare-free experience to make you feel as good as you look. 

Tom Ford Elise-02 | AU$820AU$656 on Sunglass Hut

Tom Ford Elise-02 | AU$820 AU$656 on Sunglass Hut (save AU$164)

Huge savings on a stunning set of sunnies. They’ll complete almost any outfit while adding a touch of class. As we’re in the middle of wedding season there’s no feeling quite like being able to announce “oh these? They’re Tom Ford”. You’re paying a premium for the name, without having to spend thousands on a Tom Ford suit. 

Versace VE2214 | AU$501AU$250.50 on Sunglass Hut

Versace VE2214 | AU$501 AU$250.50 on Sunglass Hut (save AU$250.50)

When you want glasses to wow, these are the ones. Versace has revolutionized the classic Mayfair style in a way not done since John Lennon catapulted them into all of our worlds. The gold Versace logo baubles adorning both sides of the frame are there to clearly announce who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re wearing. With a massive AU$250.50 saving, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal. 

Vogue VO4161S | AU$132 AU$66 on Sunglass Hut

Vogue VO4161S | AU$132 AU$66 on Sunglass Hut (save AU$66)

A no-nonsense affair, these classic Vogue eyewear sunnies bring a touch of Italian pizazz to your face. Subtle hints of purple and gold allow you to stand out in an understated way. If, after purchase, you find that these sunnies are not to your taste they even come with free returns, as well as free adjustments to guarantee a perfect fit. 

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