PS5 "better" than Xbox Series X, according to now-retracted comments

One Crytek developer made big claims about the PS5's capabilities, but later removed his statement

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X are both still on track to release around Holiday 2020. Both consoles have their fans – and their detractors. The Xbox Series X is being lauded for its impressive graphical power and "Smart Delivery" service, which allows some games to be upgraded to their next-generation versions for free.

Meanwhile, the PS5 has boasted about its impressive solid state drive and next-level 3D audio. Sony's console has yet to be revealed, but that didn't stop one developer from claiming it was the better of the two from a programming standpoint, although the statement was quickly retracted. 

Although the original interview has been pulled, Crytek engineer Ali Salehi reportedly told Persian gaming website Vigiato PS5 was the easier console to programme for, and it was "better" than the Xbox Series X. 

The comments, archived on our sibling site Tom's Guide, read: "As a programmer I say PS5 is much better and I don't think you can find a programmer that could name one advantage that XSX has over PS5.

“A good example about Xbox Series X hardware is its RAM. Microsoft has made the RAM two parts. The same mistake they made with Xbox One. One part of RAM has high bandwidth and the other is low. And definitely coding for this could be a little challenging.

“Many factors must work together and each part feeds another... If any of these factors [don't] work fast enough then it causes in lower performance in another part.”


Crytek developed the original Farcry

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Salehi initially claimed that although the Xbox Series X is reportedly slightly more powerful than the PS5, programmers will find it easier to harness the full power of Sony's console, making for a more complete experience.

It's easy to see why the comments were retracted, especially at this delicate stage of both console's production and release. Both the Twitter user who translated the interview and Vigiato pulled Salehi's statements, although we cannot confirm this is due to external pressure. 

However, although Salehi favoured the PS5 in his initial statement, Microsoft has its own in-house development team primed to get the most out of its new console. Will PS5 get the upper-hand by making it easy on third-party developers? We can only know for sure once both consoles, and their launch games, hit the shelves. 

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