PS5 video: 4K Sony PlayStation 5 hardware trailer is gaming heaven

You can now watch the Sony PlayStation 5 hardware reveal video in 4K, and it is mouth-watering

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

Ever since the Sony PS5 was officially unveiled gamers have been talking about just how stand-out the PlayStation 5's design is, with gamer's poring over the reveal trailer with a fine-tooth comb.

Well, now, gamers can get up close and personal with the PS5 like never before. That's because, as spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit user u/chanunnaki, the PlayStation 5 reveal video can now be watched in glorious 4K resolution.

Check it out below:

Speaking on the Reddit thread for this 4K PS5 video, gamers really seemed to be impressed even more with the console's look and design, with user DavidEdgrrr stating that:

"I think this design is amazing. I'm glad they took a big swing with it"

Meanwhile, That-Rhino-Guy noted that:

"It definitely took some time for me but now I really like it, partly because of the more unusual design they went with which we haven’t seen that often in recent generations"

As for the new 4K resolution, poster of the video chanunnaki commented that it is "Beautiful image quality. You can now clearly see the PS-symbol stipple pattern clearly on the inside of the white panels on the PS5, the HD camera and also for 1-2 frames on the back of the media remote!"

Clearly, then, for any PlayStation fan this 4K PS5 hardware video is a must watch. Here at T3 we've already watched it five times and get more excited to get hands on with the Sony PlayStation 5 every time we do. Dramatic music, great build-up, and then a remarkably futuristic looking console to gaze at — what's not to like?

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