At last, the PS5 update I've wanted since launch is here

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Playstation 5
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Storage is always a concern when picking up a new device. When I finally got my hands on a PlayStation 5, the realisation quickly set in that it would quickly need to be expanded upon just the same way I did with my PlayStation 4, upgrading from the measly 500GB to the much more palatable 2TB.  

The PS5 offers 825GB of storage, however, only 667.2GB of that is actually useable once the system is set up. It quickly became a concern for many enthusiasts (specifically, those invested in the digital ecosystem) when the likes of Call of Duty, Destiny, and FIFA were all confirmed to claim well over 100GB of storage, forcing games to be constantly deleted from dashboards. Thankfully, and finally, Sony has rolled out a firmware update allowing M.2 SSD storage expansion, meaning internal storage can be pushed the delectable 4TB. 

As announced via the PlayStation Blog, this move comes 10 months after the console's original launch. It's a big one! Yes, the option to store PS5 games on a USB (which rolled out in April) was a step forward but realistically, I was never going to do this. Transferring games back and forth is not an ideal scenario. Having them all in one place so I can view them all gloriously across my shiny dashboard and know that I won't have to spend a day prepping to play any one of them is my kind of heaven. 

Hidden within this there was further news about Sony's commitment to expanding its mobile features with support for PS Remote Play over major mobile networks. Further freedom to play your library wherever you want is absolutely the way of the future and this is another step in the right direction.

Then you have the incoming addition of being able to share screen broadcasts via the PS App from September 23rd. Music to my ears. Sony, let's keep this going and break down those barriers and maybe one day, crossplay might actually be a reality. For now, though, I'll settle for the freedom of having my complete library with me at all times. 

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