PS5 specs leaked in cryptic riddle suggest it's not as powerful as Xbox Series X

A mysterious image posted on NeoGAF has fans making wild speculations

PS5 console and controller
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Sony has fans of its consoles waiting on tenterhooks for the PS5 reveal, after the rumoured February window came and went. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X at last year's Game Awards and proceeded to drop even more details about the hardware specs last month.

It's been quiet on the PS5 front for a while now, perhaps because of possible coronavirus delays or simply because the company isn't ready. We've assumed that Sony was following a similar schedule to that of the PS4's reveal - something that was heavily hinted at by one developer - but with no official word on the console, the rumours have been swirling, and the latest one comes from a verified developer on NeoGAF.  

NeoGAF PS5 leak

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The developer (username o'dium) posted the above image of a dove carrying an envelope addressed to PS5 boss Mark Cerney. The text underneath is a conversation between the pigeon and Cerney, and includes a large number of 'coos', and that's about it. Forum users have taken the image and gone wild, claiming it reveals the specs for the PS5, with the final consensus agreeing on a machine with an 11.06 teraflop GPU, 52 CUs (compute units) clocked at 1743 MHz. 

One user breaks down how that conclusion was reached, explaining that the 52 'coos' are in fact 52 CUs. The second line of 'coos' is divided into four groups arranged in a pattern of 1,7,4,3, which is the 1743MHz, while the rest of the riddle apparently reveals that the console will have an 11.6 TF GPU. The Xbox Series X has been confirmed to have a 12 teraflop GPU, so there's a minor difference as Microsoft pips Sony to the post on this front.

It's best not to get too invested in this leak, as there have been a lot of them, with details that are inconsistent with one another - and they can't all be right! Earlier this week, a list of PS5 specs appeared on 4Chan claiming that it has a 13.3 TF GPU, so as always, take the rumoured details with a heavy dose of salt. 

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Source: NeoGAF via BGR

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