PS5 Slim video: Heart-stopping PlayStation 5 concept is next-gen eye candy

This PS5 Slim console design is the most beautiful depiction of the PlayStation 5 Slim we've seen yet

PS5 Slim and PS5 Slim Digital Edition consoles in white colorways
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T3 has been following the rumors about a PS5 Slim console for over a year now, with us repeatedly stating since that we think one is inevitable – and within 3 years of the PS5 hitting store shelves.

Then, just recently, it was reported that Sony is planning "to launch a new PlayStation 5 with detachable disc drive" next year, and will do so "around September 2023". That would be just under the 3-year anniversary since the PS5 console launched. Once again, it seems T3 is going to be proved bang right.

And now we've got our best look yet at exactly what that PS5 Slim console with a detachable disc drive could look like, courtesy of this stunning concept video from the talented chaps over at

Check out the PS5 Slim video below:

The PS5 Slim concept video here shows two versions of the new console, a PlayStation 5 Slim and a Digital Edition, the different been one comes with a optical disc drive and one does not.

In addition, the video shows an add-in optical disc drive, which comes in its own box and would be bought separately.

The video proceeds to show how that add-in optical disc drive can be slotted into the PS5 Slim Digital Edition in order to make it a full-fat PS5 Slim capable of playing games off a disc.

Finally, we also get to see concept packaging for both consoles, with the PS5 Slim coming in a blue and white box, and the Digital Edition coming in a blue and black box.

PS5 Slim in white colorway with accessories

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The T3 take: A stylish depiction with accuracy to the latest reports

The most interesting piece of information we've had to inform our opinion on what a PS5 Slim could look like is the fact that, reportedly, Sony is working on a model with a removable optical disc drive.

A removable disc drive can only point to a design that can ship with or without said optical disc drive, pointing to a PS5 Slim that doesn't ship with a disc drive, or two Slim models, one that has a disc drive and one that does not, with the buyer of the latter then, down the line, buying an add-in disc drive if it suits them.

Based on that theorizing, this concept design is accurate, showing how a single PS5 Slim design could both come with a disc drive and come without one.

The one design thing is important, too. Sony has already revised the standard PS5 console design to make it easier to manufacture, and if it is going to keep prices down for the PS5 Slim, then having one new design rather than two makes sense.

We also know, from past Sony ‘Slim’ consoles, such as the PS4 Slim, that they do not have the same physical dimensions as the standard console, measuring in smaller and more compact. Again, this concept design delivers that, adding to its likely accuracy.

Sony is also very unlikely to totally abandon the PS5's design, too, so we can see a system with roughly the same shape and color shipping in 2023, which again is what this design delivers.

We also see plenty of similar design notes from the incoming PSVR 2 gaming headset as well, which would make sense as, if a PS5 Slim is released next year, then it's going to hit store shelves only about 6 months after the Slim. And, with the Slim then likely to become the PS5 that is continued to be made by Sony, with the original design PS5 phased out, it would make sense that the Slim and PSVR 2 share similar design beats.

Overall, then, this feels like our best look yet at what a PS5 Slim could look like when released, which here at T3 we really do hope is September 2023. One thing that does worry us, though, is just how well Sony will deal with manufacturing the console, as to this day standard PS5 systems are incredibly difficult to pick up due to shortages.

Naturally, as soon as T3 hears more about a new console from Sony we will be bringing you all the inside info.

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