PS5 restock: John Lewis date confirmed for more consoles

John Lewis is set to receive its next batch of consoles in the coming weeks

John Lewis PS5
(Image credit: John Lewis / Sony)

UK gamers: PS5 is in stock now at GAME!

It's the beginning of another week and the hunt for a PlayStation 5 continues for many. Black Friday is now on the horizon and many consumers are naturally desperate to get their hands on the new Sony console before the madness of it all descends.

Well, the good news is that last week was an amazing week for restocks across major retailers, and we're hoping to see that continue. We had stock drops from Amazon, BT, GAME, Smyths Toys, and Argos throughout the week, making it one of the best in recent memory to secure a PS5 before the holidays. It was also great in general to see so many people walk away with a console after visiting their local retailers in person. 

Well, this week is still a little bit up in the air but we do have some information regarding the next drop from John Lewis. The retailer is now expected to receive its next shipment of stock on November 22nd, according to the very reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. This now leads many to believe that a restock will take place between November 25th to 26th. 

The shipment is said to be made up of a small batch of PS5 disc consoles, which matches what John Lewis has offered in the past. It's best to add it to your "wish list" on the site and try any local retailers around the time, as you never know if they might have any unaccounted for deliveries. 

The last shipment arrival for John Lewis supposedly took place on October 15th. We say "supposedly" as it's claimed on social media that a "silent drop" went live at around 7AM BST on October 19th, however, we were unable to verify this. Either way, we're expecting this drop to be larger, if not as big as other retailers such as GAME and Amazon, for instance. 

Naturally, we recommend preparing ahead of any potential drops with our handy tips guide. We'll also look to update the information closer to the restock date. Hoping to pick up a console sooner? Head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest updates.  

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