PS5 restock: BT sends out latest codes, Amazon likely next

The hunt for a PlayStation 5 consoles continues

Sony Purple PS5
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Update 2: BT has now gone live with its second allotment of PS5 stock for the week. As detailed below, you need to be a Broadband customer to secure a console. We recommend opting for bundles and the good news is that there does seem to be a decent amount available. 

Check PS5 stock at BT now  

It's been quite the day. Aside from BT, both Argos and Amazon have had restocks as expected, and we're expecting another big one from GAME soon. For everything else, head over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker

Update: EE put live its latest allotment of PS5 stock on the morning of October 26th before selling out in under two hours, following technical hiccups on the app and website.

Check PS5 stock at EE now

This drop was only available for Pay Monthly customers that already have an account set up with EE. Anyone unsure whether they are eligible can head to our handy guide. The next scheduled PS5 drop will be Argos, which is said to have both disc and digital consoles available. No subscription is required either. 

Original Story: And we're off! This week's hunt for a PS5 console has already begun with BT dropping a bunch of codes for Broadband customers. This happens roughly once every three weeks (in our experience) and sees BT sending codes to customers, which can then be used to join a queue and claim a console.

If you are a BT customer, it can be one of the most straightforward ways to secure Sony's new games machine. Stock originally dropped around 10AM BST before rolling out various codes over the following couple of hours. The last drop from BT took place on October 4th and similarly, gave consumers access to pick up a PS5, PS5 and Dualsense controller, as well as charging station and headset. 

After previously signing up through the official BT website, T3 was sent a unique customer code at 11:28AM BST allowing 10 minutes to make a purchase. Standard PS5 consoles sold out within the first hour with only bundles available. Delivery was confirmed to be between one to three working days

BT PS5 customer code

An example of a BT PS5 customer code email

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We already wrote about where are likely to be the best places to pick up a PS5 this week, however, Amazon is one we recommend watching like a hawk this week. The retailer broke its six-week stint on September 22nd and then had a second drop a week later, reaffirming that more regular drops may occur going forward. 

It's now coming close to a month since then with many stock trackers believing the drop to be imminent. Amazon typically drops stock on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Like several other retailers, it could be an early bird gets the worm situation as the last drop took place at 8AM BST. An Amazon Prime account is required to make the purchase, so make sure you have access to one to avoid disappointment. 

We'll of course keep you updated on the situation. To be best prepared make sure to follow our best tips on obtaining a PS5 console before Black Friday, as well as following all PS5 stock tracker social media accounts. For everything else, head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest details.