PS5 restock: Argos set for major restock – here's when you get a console

A killer chance to get a PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 console with Argos logo
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It's rare these days that a PlayStation 5 restock is worth writing about – simply because Sony's next-gen machine has become much more obtainable over the last couple of months. Does this mean the market is finally catching up with demand after 20 months? Well, kind of. 

Check PS5 stock at Argos now

While the likelihood of just being able to walk into your local retailer and pick up a PS5 then and there is still extraordinary slim, online stores have been restocking in good quantities more frequently than ever. Still, these often are found to be the more expensive bundles containing the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, an extra Dualsense controller, t-shirts, cases and whatever else unnecessary add-ons the stores try to get away with. 

That's why so many people are waiting for the opportunity to purchase a standalone PS5 console, with Argos one of the best out there for doing so. Now according to Talha Sonmez of PS5 Restock UK (over 225,000 followers), Argos is now prepping for its next big restock with both disc and digital consoles set to go live very soon. 

The online tracker now believes that Argos stores around the UK should begin shipping their next bulk of PS5 digital consoles on July 20th with a restock date expected to happen sometime between July 18th to July 20th, 2022. Since this could happen at any time, it's best to keep an eye on the Argos site or drop by in person if you are after a discless version.

On the other hand, those wanting a standard PS5 disc console will have to wait a little bit longer with shipping reportedly taking place on July 27th, 2022. This means Argos could put its next batch of consoles up for sale between July 25th and July 27th, 2022. It's always worth knowing that Argos rolls its stock out in waves per region. Outside of this, the likes of Very, Littlewoods and the BT Store have a decent number of bundles live now if you can't wait anymore. 

To find out where to get a console next, head to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest details. Not sure what to play? 

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