PS5 news: even more real PlayStation 5 and DualShock 5 photos leak online

The leaked images could show the PS5 console at Ubisoft HQ

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Now that Xbox Series X has been announced and is out in the open, we're expecting the PS5 to follow suit. So far, Sony's next flagship has remained in the shadows – at least, officially. In reality, a slew of leaked information and rumours have been circulating about the upcoming console, including several images of the development kits and new controllers. 

Yet another glimpse of the PS5 development kit and early DualShock 5 protype has leaked online, thanks to a keen-eyed poster on the PS5 subreddit. Originally posted to Facebook, the insider known as "Patrick" claims to be an office cleaner at a developer beginning with "u", and snaps several pictures of the unannounced dev kit. 

Based on the single-letter hint, the office is likely to be Ubisoft, the studio responsible for the Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series, among many others. Check out the post in full below:

PS5 dev kit

(Image credit: /u/Browning9978)

A small screen with blue text depicting network settings, IP addresses and so on is visible, which is interesting to say the least. Will the final console contain such a display?

The photos also give us our best look yet at the DualShock 5, or at least a prototype version of the controller. Remarkably similar to the current controller, the DualShock 5 seems to be packing a larger touchpad and a thicker build than the comparatively slender 4. 

We're unable to see the back of the controller, so we have no idea if the two new back buttons will be included, as they are in a recently-granted patent

DualShock 5 patent

(Image credit: Sony/LetsGoDigital)

It's worth noting that development kits rarely look entirely like the final product, so expect the finished product to be a Far Cry (sorry) from this grey, ribbed, car battery-looking console. Likewise, the DualShock 5 will probably go through several image changes before it lands on shelves.

However, it's helpful to understand what Sony is working with, and the addition of a small screen on the console itself is especially intriguing. Will we see this feature incorporated as part of the new PS5? Time will tell. 

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