PS5 leak reveals PlayStation 5 hardware can beat Xbox Scarlett

The latest info from Sony confirms PS5 could be the console to beat

PS5 PlayStation 5
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The PlayStation 5 leaks just keep coming. It's launching next year – holiday 2020, to be exact, confirmed by CEO Jim Ryan. While we've got an ever-growing list of top-level specs like 8K graphics and advanced ray tracing capabilities, we're curious how it compares to the other titan of heavy-duty console gaming, Microsoft, with its upcoming Xbox Scarlett

The PS5 team seem to know. Games journalist Hunter found a quickly-deleted job ad for a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager at Sony, advertising an opportunity to work on the 'upcoming world's fastest console'. AKA, the PS5. 

Now, we already know the PS5 is going to be very, very fast. Earlier this year at Sony's Californian HQ, a Spider-Man demo loaded eighteen times faster on the PS5 than the current-gen PS4. However, the job ad claiming the PS5 to be the 'world's fastest' seemingly confirms it beats out all competitors, including Xbox Scarlett.

Of course, it could be just over-zealous marketing, so we'll have to wait until we get some more information from Microsoft before we can back Sony's claim. The job ad has since been deleted and reposted without this crucial bit of info, which could mean the information wasn't ready to leak. Perhaps Sony have uncovered details about Microsoft's upcoming console?

It looks like we won't find out until 2020, when both team's marketing machines are in full swing ahead of the holiday season launch dates.  

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