PS5 is one BEASTLY console – you won't believe how much it weighs

An listing gives away the PS5 weight, and it's a back-breaker

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: ConceptCreator)

Everything we know about the upcoming PS5 points to a console that’s on the chunky end of the spectrum, but we didn’t appreciate exactly how chunky until now.

Amazon’s German site lists the PS5 weight as 4.78kg. That's a weirdly specific figure for a placeholder, although it’s worth noting that the release date listed (December 1 2021) most definitely isn’t right, given it’s at least a year after what Sony has already promised.

So if the PS5’s listed weight is correct, then what does that tell us – other than that postmen and women around the world are going to have a very miserable day delivering pre orders? 

Well, by our reckoning, a weight of 4.78kg would make the PlayStation 5 the second most heavy console in living memory – just 22g behind the original PlayStation 3 which you may still have muscle memory of carrying back in 2006.

By comparison, the original PS4 tipped the scales at 2.8kg, while a day-one Xbox One – itself not exactly svelte – was 3.2kg. If we really wanted to give the PS5 body image problems, we’d highlight that the original Switch weighs just 0.4kg – and that’s with the Joy-Cons in place.

Is that weight right? Well in one respect it almost certainly isn’t: gives the same figure for both the regular PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, and that would suggest that a Blu Ray drive doesn’t actually add any additional weight.

But a weight of around 5kg certainly seems plausible, given what we know about the console’s dimensions

PS5 PlayStation 5

(Image credit: u/GREBO7)

As you can see from the picture above, via Reddit, if you assume that the PS5 takes normal sized disks and isn’t going to go all Nintendo GameCube on us, the PS5 is simply enormous – making both the Xbox One and PS3 look compact in comparison. 

So yes, a weight of 5kg is plausible. Make sure you lift that box with the knees when it arrives on your doorstep later this year...