PS5 hits back at Xbox Series X with this ESSENTIAL feature

Sony has its own take on Microsoft's Smart Delivery with the PlayStation 5 - but there's a catch...

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Sony knocked it out of the park with its PS5 reveal event earlier this month, but one area where it's sorely lacking when compared to the Xbox Series X is giving gamers free upgrades from their current gen console titles to next-gen. 

Microsoft's Smart Delivery allows for just that, with the company recently elaborating further on the feature; players will be able to buy a game once, and have the machine they're playing on automatically download the optimised version for that hardware - and save data will be retained as well, meaning you can buy Cyberpunk 2077 for the Xbox One, and enjoy a free next-gen upgrade post-launch without losing any in-game progress or spending any extra cash! 

It turns out that the PlayStation 5 has its own of version of Smart delivery that should make fans committed to pre-ordering the PS5 a bit happier.      

Confirmation of the feature comes from Crystal Dynamics chief technology officer Gary Snethen, ahead of Marvel's Avengers release. According to Snethen, players who pick up the title for PS4 will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free - that goes for both the digital and physical edition of the game:

"We’re happy to announce that when you purchase Marvel’s Avengers for the PS4 platform, either digitally or on disc, and later upgrade to a PS5, you get the PS5 version of the game with all of its enhancements free of charge!"

He also confirmed cross-play between console generations, adding:

"In addition, PS5 gamers can play Marvel’s Avengers online with PS4 gamers, so anyone can upgrade at any time and continue playing with friends on both platforms."

We've no doubt that the game will utilise the power of the PS5 in the same way that Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 will, but if it integrates any aspects of the new DualSense controller, it won't be to the extent that PS4 players will be left out in the cold with their trusty DualShock 4.   

Madden 21 players on PS4 have also been told that they can enjoy a free PS5 upgrade up until the release of Madden 22. According to a translated PR statement, cross-gen upgrades for the PS5 are a matter for the publisher to decide, rather than something Sony is actively pushing, unlike Microsoft's strategy. 

So there will definitely be the option to get upgraded for free with some titles, but it's not as pivotal a feature for the Japanse console manufacturer as it is over on Xbox, so you'll have to weigh up the pros and cons on this one! 

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