PS5 gets HEART-STOPPING PlayStation 2 makeover that we want NOW!

Jaw-dropping new PS5 design has us dreaming of the best-selling console of all time

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Reddit user: whattheefth)

After a busy period for the PS5, nostalgia hits fever-pitch with this fan-made tribute to the PlayStation 2. Donning the classic silhouettes of its predecessor, it’s an imagined mock-up to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of PlayStation which is set for 2025, five years into the new console's life cycle.

No doubt many will hanker for such a release, but for now we can feast our eyes on this concept retro model that harks back to simpler gaming times. 

PS2-themed PS5 Anniversary edition concept

(Image credit: whattheefth (via Reddit))

Amid all the PS5 stock problems that has seen Walmart take down a scalper bot network, it's easy to forget that the PS2 was launched nearly 20 years ago. Redditor, whattheefth, has dreamt up a mouth-watering take on what a PS5 rendition of Sony’s second console could look like.

It’s a sleek offering: all black chassis, sporting the original PlayStation logo. If you owned a PS2, you'll recall that the logo could be rotated to change orientation along with the console. Considering the PS5 can be used vertically or horizontally, we imagine the badge would have similar functionality of this model even came to be. 

Even the DualSense controller has been revamped forgoing the monochromatic symbols of the new generation for the colored buttons that were last seen on the PS4.

Being a user created concept design means that it likely won't ever hit the store shelves, but Sony has a rep for releasing anniversary editions of its consoles. Back in 2014, PlayStation commemorated turning twenty by releasing a PS4 Anniversary Edition; back then, it morphed the PS1’s greyish good looks into the PS4’s frame. Sony shifted 12,300 retro-themed PS4 units and, although bots weren’t such an issue, T3 covered similar sales tricks to bag a machine back in 2014.

You don't have to wait for Sony to release its promised special edition console releases if you want to jazz up your hardware. You can spruce up your console by ordering vinyl wraps for your PS5 or Xbox Series X stand out – there are even limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 skins if you fancy a dystopian makeover.  

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