PS5 and Xbox Series X to battle it out at their first public event

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will go head to head at Tokyo Game Show later this year

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
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Sony's yet-to-be-unveiled PS5 and  Microsoft's Xbox Series X will both be appearing at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this September according to event organisers, making it the first time we'll see the consoles side-by-side, and giving the general public its first hands-on time with both pieces of hardware simultaneously.

The Xbox Series X was revealed last year and Sony has kept us waiting on the expected PS5 February reveal which seems less likely as we enter the last week of the month. We thought we might catch a glimpse of the unannounced console at PAX East later this month, but Sony has pulled out over coronavirus fears, although Boston's mayor has sent a letter asking the company to reconsider.

It also pulled out of the 2020 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March citing similar reasons. And having abandoned E3 last year, and doing so again for the 2020 event, everyone's eye is now on TGS, where Microsoft and Sony will both be showcasing their next-gen consoles. 

"The theme of TGS2020 is ‘The Future Touches Gaming First’", reads the official press release of the event. "Games are the most updated and accessible means to experience the emerging technologies that will unlock new possibilities for the future. 

"With the theme of this year, the event expects to provide an opportunity for people to touch and play the latest games and immerse themselves in the feel of an exciting future that is just around the corner.

"Featuring novel game consoles for the next generation, TGS2020 is sure to attract even more attention from around the world. The event will focus on the full-fledged launch of cloud gaming and its advanced gaming environment such as the start of 5G services for commercial use, and will boost the unprecedented gaming experience brought by new platforms."

While it doesn't name the Xbox Series X or PS5 outright, they're the only next-gen consoles that are launching this year, after Nintendo confirmed that it has no plans on releasing the more powerful Switch 2 in 2020.

It's safe to assume then that TGS will be pitting both Sony and Microsoft's console against one another, with the public given its first chance to get a hands-on with them both at the same time. It'll be interesting to see feedback from attendees on the machines and how they hold up in general, as well as next to one another. 

TGS doesn't kick off until September 24, by which time we'll have seen the PS5 at least, although the 'holiday 2020' launch window of both it and the Xbox Series X may be under threat.    

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