Proverb takes ideas from sports nutrition and applies them to your face

Clean, active, and natural

Proverb is a skincare brand for men which takes the understanding and efficacy of elite sports nutrition and applies it to your skin. 

How exactly does it do that? Proverb is essentially a training program which comprises of skincare, supplements, and expert advice, designed to keep your skin, body and mind in peak condition.

On the most basic level, Proverb sells products with active organic ingredients which are formulated for lab proven results, but the brand is also making the link between your skin and clean eating, health, sport and your lifestyle.

You get out what you put in, basically, and as a result Proverb is the first male skincare brand globally to be awarded EWG certification.

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The hero of the line up is the Hydration Pro Moisturiser (50ml, £55), which uses Amino Acids and Peptides from coconuts help to strengthen and tone skin, restore elasticity and aide wrinkle prevention. 

Spirulina co-enzymes actively fight against cell ageing and help make the skin look awake. Elite, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid helps increase hydration and reduce skin water loss.

"Lycoprotenetm" complex of fermented Tomatoes to help reduce skin stress and Egg White, rich in collagen and protein. 

These key actives combined with powerful, natural and organic base ingredients are scientifically proven to moisturise, leaving the skin in peak condition.

As as well as moisturiser, Proverb also offer skin serums, supplements and shaving mud.

Check them out on Proverb's website.

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