Project Q handheld gaming console is unveiled as PlayStation Portal

And it's cheaper than previous rumours indicated!

The PlayStation Portal handheld gaming console against a purple background
(Image credit: PlayStation)

When it comes to top-tier gaming consoles, the PS5 is unquestionably one of the best on the market. The console has proven tricky to get hold of since it launched way back in 2020, at least in part thanks to the popularity of the gaming experience.

Now, a new device has been launched – the PlayStation Portal. That's the official name given to what was previously known as Project Q, and offers a handheld option for PS5 gamers.

The idea, Sony say, is that users can continue their gaming without needing to use a TV. Say, for example, another member of the house wants to use it, but you're fully engrossed in your current mission. No bother – simply move onto the PlayStation Portal to enjoy the same experience via a Wi-Fi connection.

The device itself features a DualSense controller for familiar controls. It's been elongated in the middle, though, to include an 8-inch LCD display. That will run 1080p resolution at 60fps, providing a high definition rendering for your gameplay.

The controller also features the same core features which are expected by demanding fans of the console. You'll find adaptive triggers and haptic feedback built in, to ensure the same responsive gameplay as you'd expect on the regular controller.

As mentioned earlier, the Portal connects to your PS5 console via a Wi-Fi connection. That should allow users to swiftly jump between the two, as and when needed. Games will need to be installed on your PS5 to be playable, though – anything streamed through PlayStation Plus Premium, or any games for the PSVR2 won't be usable.

Perhaps the most exciting part is the price, though. While earlier rumours had pegged it in the £/$250-300 range, it's actually launching at just £/$199.99. Sure, it's not cheap but it is a better value proposition than we'd expected. The DualSense controller is £60 on it's own, for reference.

I think this is a great offering from Sony. The scenario they suggest it can be used for sounds like something which will appeal to a lot of users. It's not hard to imagine being booted off of the TV by a parent/partner/housemate right at the wrong moment. With the PlayStation Portal, that's no longer an issue – just port the game over to your handheld device and finish off whatever you're up to.

The device is not currently available, though the release notes do suggest that information on pre-orders will be coming soon.

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