Amazing early Prime Day deal has more than £200 off Eero mesh Wi-Fi systems

Speed up your home Wi-Fi for 50% less

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If you're looking to improve wireless internet connectivity in your home, you cannot go far wrong than with a decent mesh network. And, Amazon Prime Day presents an ideal opportunity to do so for a lot cheaper than usual.

Indeed, you can even start the process ahead of the 11th - 12th July sales period, as early Prime Day deals are starting to appear, including major discounts on Amazon's own Eero mesh network devices.

You can get as much as 51% off a selection of Eero and Eero Pro devices and Wi-Fi pucks. They start at £44.99, so there should be something for everyone.

There are big bargains to be had on three-packs as well, which should cover a decent sized home. So check out some of the best offers below. You will need to be a Prime member to get the best prices.

Amazon Eero mesh router: was £69.99, now £44.99 at Amazon

Amazon Eero mesh router: was £69.99, now £44.99 at Amazon
The Amazon Eero mesh Wi-Fi 5 standalone router connects to your existing modem and offers dual-band wireless connectivity for speeds of up to 350Mbps around the home. You can then add extra Eero pucks in each room for extended coverage.

Amazon Eero mesh system 3-pack: was £189.99, now ££119.99 at Amazon

Amazon Eero mesh system 3-pack: was £189.99, now ££119.99 at Amazon
This pack of three Eero Wi-Fi 5 mesh routers enables you to connect the main one to your home modem, then the other two in different rooms. They all communicate with one another to give you blanket wireless access.

Amazon Eero 6+ mesh system 2-pack: was £284.19, now £144.99 at Amazon

Amazon Eero 6+ mesh system 2-pack: was £284.19, now £144.99 at Amazon
The Eero 6+ supports dual-band wireless connectivity and offers speeds up to a gigabit, so more than enough to stream the highest quality video in any room in the home.

Amazon Eero Pro 6 mesh system 2-pack: was £384.19, now £187.97 at Amazon

Amazon Eero Pro 6 mesh system 2-pack: was £384.19, now £187.97 at Amazon
A true step-up model, the Eero Pro 6 supports tri-band connectivity and speeds of up to a Gigabit. Each unit in this pack of two offers 190m² of coverage.

Amazon Eero 6E mesh system 2-pack: was £504.19, now £279.97 at Amazon

Amazon Eero 6E mesh system 2-pack: was £504.19, now £279.97 at Amazon
Amazon's fastest, most stable mesh Wi-Fi system yet has more than £200 off for this pack of two routers/hubs. Each of them supports speeds of up to 2.3Gbps and work on the Wi-Fi 6E standard so are futureproofed.

There are other deals on the Eero mesh network range, too. You can get many of the above in three-packs, not just two, and some as single units. There's also an Eero 6 available that might be a better fit for your budget.

Why choose an Eero mesh network system?

A mesh network is worth considering as it offers much better Wi-Fi coverage in a larger home than a single router or Wi-Fi extenders.

That's because, unlike an extender, each unit in a mesh network speaks to one another, adjusting the signal strength as needed to ensure that the coverage overlaps to give a stronger signal even at the furthest points.

For example, Unit A is in the living room, while unit B is in the spare bedroom. Your Wi-Fi signal will be great when you are stood next to either, but as you move away, the network assesses which of the units is best to give you stronger reception. And, if you are roughly equidistant from them, you will still get a decent connection as the signals overlap at their farthest points.

The Eero system is particularly good because Amazon offers so many different options - from the basic Wi-Fi 5 units to the very latest, fastest and most stable Wi-Fi 6E devices.

It's worth remembering that, to make best use of these great deals and others up to and through Prime Day, you will need to be a member of Amazon Prime.

You can sign up for a one-month free trial though and cancel afterwards if you don't want to make use of the other benefits offered all year round.

Also make sure you catch all the rest of the Amazon Prime Day deals on T3, before and during the huge sales event.

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