Possible Samsung Galaxy Ring 2 pops up in patent listing – we haven't even had the first one yet

The second gen could come with a big design upgrade

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Ring on display at MWC Barcelona 2024
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Quick Summary

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to launch next week at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.

But that's already old news, it seems, as a patent filing in the USA appears to show off a second generation of the technology.

We're now just days away from Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. That event takes place a couple of times per year, bringing the latest and greatest technology to the market.

This time out, we're expecting a few of the usual suspects – smartwatches, wireless earbuds and such – as well as something entirely new. Rumours and leaks all point to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Ring next week.

But that's already old news, as a new patent filing has been uncovered, which could show off the Samsung Galaxy Ring 2. That appeared in the USA, and  was spotted by the good folks over at 91Mobiles.

Notably, it looks like there are some key differences in the design of this device. Where the first-gen product – as seen on display at MWC 2024 – is simply a circular design, this shows a flatter top edge.

The report suggests these could include a pair of displays – one for controlling the functionality, with another to showcase that information. It's not entirely clear what that display would showcase, though it's reasonable to make some assumptions.

Logically speaking, things like workout status, specific health metrics like heart rate, and even notifications could be shown depending on the size of the display. There is also some discussion over the type of display, with some suggesting it could utilise an AMOLED panel.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will ever come to market. Large brands like Samsung will patent a wide range of technology they are working on behind the scenes, with only a handful ever making it to the consumer-facing market.

With that being said, this kind of technology does seem like a logical move for the brand. Their entrance into the smart ring space did raise some eyebrows initially, as the largest brand to invest thus far. However, if they knew they could progress the technology fairly quickly, it might explain that decision a little more. 

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