Play Sony's next PS5 exclusive for free today – Devil May Cry fans will love it

Sharpen your swords

Stellar Blade
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There is a new demo out for an upcoming PS5 exclusive game. Download the Stellar Blade demo now and give it a go!

If you love a good hack and or slash a la Devil May Cry, Bayonetta or the like, then you might be in luck with this upcoming PS5 exclusive title, which has bucked the trend and been bold enough to release a playable demo - out today! 

That game is Stellar Blade developed by Shift Up Corporation and published by Sony itself. For those who haven't heard of it, that's one of the main reasons to offer a demo and give gamers a chance to make up their own minds. 

Releasing fully on April 26, this is the latest exclusive in what has been an incredible year so far for PS5 owners with Helldivers 2 (which is also on PC) and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth already releasing exclusively on Sony's console this year. So what is Stellar Blade all about? 

Well the demo, which goes from the start of the game to the first boss fight, sees players assume control of Eve, a member of the 7th Airborne Squad tasked with the mission of taking back Earth for the human race. From who, you ask? Why the evil Naytiba, a rather gross-looking plant race. 

But what about the gameplay? Well, like I mentioned those who loved Bayonetta or Devil May Cry should be right at home. It features a mix of shooting and spectacular fast-paced melee combat. Sony has confirmed the game runs at a smooth 60FPS and makes the most of the Dualsense's haptic feedback too. Plus, your progress will carry on into the full game too. 

Game demos are an all too rare phenomenon these days but not extinct just yet. While the Stellar Blade demo will be available to everyone, there are a bunch of other demos for those willing to subscribe to the most expensive Premium tier of PlayStation Plus. These game trials offer a limited time access (usually around an hour) to full versions of select titles including Spider-Man 2 and Baldur's Gate 3

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