Philips Hue users just got a cool new update

The Philips Hue App just got updated to version 4.16, and it now has some new features

Philips Hue smart lights being controlled via the Philips Hue App
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If like me you're a keen user of Philips Hue smart lighting then, firstly, you're going to want to make sure you're not making any of these common Philips Hue mistakes and, secondly, you're going to want to update the Philips Hue App on your phone or tablet straight away.

That's because a few days back the app got updated from version 4.13 to 4.16, and along with the advertised "bug fixes and performance improvements", there's also two new features delivered, too.

First off, version 4.16 of the Philips Hue App delivers three new scenes. These scenes are called Rio, Cancun and Miami and can be accessed by going to the Hue Scene gallery in any room. These scenes are new editions to the Party mood scenes range, and add plenty of color to any smart lighting setup.

And, secondly, you can now connect more than one Philips Hue Bridge to any one account. Previously every bridge needed to be tied to a unique email address, but now that is not the case. To add more than one bridge to your account open the settings menu in the app and then click the "My account" tab. You'll then be greeted with the following:

Philips Hue App

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Right now we're guessing many people don't have multiple Hue Bridges for the very reason that you'd need to have multiple accounts with multiple email addresses attached, but going forward this looks like it will open up a lot of neat new control and expansion opportunities for Philips Hue users.

And, talking of expansion, to see the very best Philips Hue smart lights on the market today be sure to scope out T3's best Philips Hue deals roundup for this month. We've also got a comprehensive guide to the best smart bulbs, too.

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