Amazon Prime Day comes early with this cheap Philips wake-up light deal

Grab this cheap Philips sunrise lamp for a gentler wake-up as the mornings get darker

Cheap Philips wake-up light deal
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Getting up in the mornings is never fun, but as the weather gets colder and the mornings get darker, it all seems that bit more difficult. We've got a solution, in the form of this early Amazon Prime Day deal on the Philips Wake-Up Light. 

Even the best alarm clocks can be a bit jarring – a more soothing solution is the wake-up light, which comes on gradually over a set period of time each morning, so that you wake up more gradually and naturally. Philips makes some of the best wake-up lights around and this particular model is currently on sale at Amazon for 43% off its RRP at just £59.99.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock | RRP: £105 | Now: £59.99 | Save: £45.01 (43%)

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock | RRP: £105 | Now: £59.99 | Save: £45.01 (43%)
This Philips Wake-Up Light features two natural wake-up sounds and a radio function so you can choose the audio accompaniment to go with the light. The clock has four display brightness levels, while the light itself has 10 personalised intensities so you can choose a brightness level that suits you. Comes with a worldwide, two-year guarantee.

If you were waiting for a Black Friday deal to snap up a cheap wake-up light, it looks as though your wait is over early. This Philips light comes on soft and, over a 30-minute period, gradually brightens so you wake up naturally. You can choose between 10 personalised light intensities so you find the one that's right for you – people have different sensitivities to light so while some people might wake up when the lamp glows gently, others might need more brightness. This lamp goes right up to 200 lux.

You can also choose an audio accompaniment to go with the light – there are two natural wake-up sounds available and there's an FM radio, too. It also comes with a reading lamp and a tap-to-snooze function when you want to pause the sound for 9 minutes for a few more precious moments in bed.

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