People of Britain: You can get over a thousand PG Tips tea bags for £16 for Prime Day!

For brew lovers, there is no finer Amazon Prime Day deal

PG Tips 1100 tea bags Amazon Prime Day deal
(Image credit: PG Tips)

Amazon Prime Day sale has already served up coffee machine deals and a HUGE Toblerone (opens in new tab) (sadly now sold out, sorry). But what we have right here is the best Amazon Prime Day deal EVER for tea lovers. Yes, people of Britain, this is what you have been waiting for: 1,100 PG Tips One Cup tea bags – pyramid shaped – for just 16 quid.

Other than lager, tea is Britain's national drink, and this is your chance to supply your family, office or entire block of flats with delicious tea, brewed the easy way, ie: in a cup, with a pyramid-shaped bag. 

We have looked long and hard for a better tea-based deal and can confirm that NOTHING beats this PG Tips catering pack deal. 1,100 tea bags for £15.99 equates to  less than 1.5p per cup. You could open your own greasy spoon and make a fortune with those kind of margins!

• Buy 1,100 PG Tips One Cup pyramid bags for £15.99 at Amazon NOW (opens in new tab)

The amount of space required to hold 1,100 goddamn tea bags is surprisingly small at just 16.5 x 29 x 3 cm so why not buy several packs? You will need to hurry though, because this is a lightning deal, and the people of Britain are already descending on it, with thirsty eyes that hunger for the prize. 

Catering pack 1,100 PG Tips One Cup pyramid bags £15.99 | Was £21.99 | Save £6 at Amazon NOW (opens in new tab)
For lovers of tea who don't love tea quite enough to own a tea pot, this MEGA pack of One Cup bags is a must-have. The bags are pyramid shaped, which allows for a better brew, as the water circulates around the leaves better, or something. Anyway, never mind that: it's a MASSIVE bag of tea bags for 16 quid! What are you waiting for?!

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