Peloton Boxing Day sale is now live – save £££ on top-rated fitness equipment

Get your hands on some cheap fitness equipment before the new year with these treadmill and exercise bike deals

Come January, everyone will be busy with bettering their bodies. If you, too, want to get fit for the new year, you might as well do it without slimming down your wallet too much. And thanks to Peloton's Boxing Day Sale, you can keep your bank account nice and fat while you get healthier and fitter using some of the most popular treadmills and exercise bikes on the market.

Shop the Peloton Boxing Day Sale 2023 (up to £500 off)

To make the below fitness equipment deals even sweeter, Peloton is giving away two months of free All Access Membership when you buy a new Bike and Bike+ (in addition to the package offer). Furthermore, the company is offering a price-match scheme.

If you see a better offer from Peloton or one of our authorised retailers in the UK for a new Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread or Guide between 26 and 31 December 2023 (while the offer lasts), you can request an offer match from Peloton (offers on financing terms and the Refurbished Peloton Bike excluded).

Please do bear in mind that you'll need to shell out a little extra money for the Peloton app subscription (All Access Membership is £39/mo). Unless you buy the Bike or the Bike+, in which case, you get two months of free All-Access Membership included in the price!

We rated the Peloton Bike Plus and the Peloton Tread five stars in our reviews. As mentioned in the former review, the Peloton Bike+ is the best-in-class exercise bike on the market, thanks to its beautiful design, super premium construction and world-class fitness streaming service.

Better still, Peloton's Lanebreak feature allows you to gamify your workouts. It combines immersive visuals, fitness-inspired challenges and beat-pumping soundtracks. Peloton Bike users had access to Lanebreak since 2022 (we got hooked on using it after just 10 weeks), but it's also been available for Peloton Tread users since June 2023.

Matt Kollat
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