Pebble Smartwatch gets handy Phone Ringer Switcher app

This simple but useful app is now available on the Play Store

A new app for the Pebble Smartwatch is now available letting you switch your ringer mode between normal, vibrate, and silent

The app, the Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher, is now available from the Play Store for any Pebble Smartwatch owners out there to enjoy.

The Phone Ringer Switcher can be downloaded from the Play Store, opened on the Smartwatch (when it's connected via. Bluetooth with the Pebble app installed), and tap the button marked "install PBW" - Pebble's APK file, Android Police reports.

Once the app is installed, users can switch between different ringer modes without touching your phone.

The Ringer Switcher app needs to remain on your phone for the function to keep working.

Pebble Smartwatch, the e-paper watch for iPhone and Android, was launched as a Kickstarter project last year and raised an outstanding $10m in funding from backers. The initial goal was $100,000.

Selling an initial 85,000 units, the Pebble Smartwatch began to ship in January and the company released an update of the SDK which meant developers could publish Android apps to the Play Store.

2-way communication was also added to the SDK earlier this month allowing for 3rd party Pebble watchapps such as Facebook/Yelp Check-in Apps and multi-player Pebble games.

Source: Android Police

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