PC deals imminent as UK retailers sit on stockpile

Bad news for them, but great news for us

Kick off your summer with a great deal on tech. We could be in for some juicy deals in the next few weeks, as UK retailers are reportedly struggling to shift a large number of PCs ahead of the release of Windows 10.

Retailers in the UK are said to be struggling with stock overload. According to The Channel – which cites sources in the supply chain - distributors are sitting on around 60 days of stock, which is twice the amount they typically carry.

Inventory levels are challenging,” said one senior contact in distribution, “this is not a catastrophic or panic situation yet but it is serious and a cause of consternation”.

While it rings alarm bells for them, it bodes well for technophiles like ourselves, as they'll need to get rid of the stockpile somehow. To make things worse, Windows 10 is set to land on July 29, and PC manufacturers are expected the mark the arrival of Microsoft's new OS by releasing brand new models.

It seems the PC bottleneck will most certainly result in some price cuts on computers and laptops, so we'll keep you posted on any deals as and when we hear about them.

It's believed the issue stems from 2014, when Microsoft decided to end support for Windows XP. Retailers anticipated that everyone would swap out their old tech, so they ordered big, however most overshot demand for this year and are paying the price.

Intel has alreadyloweredits sales estimates for the year by $1bn, meanwhile Lenovo just got rid of UK boss Darren Phelps, with the mounting stock problem apparently contributing to his exit.